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Bullet Nose QUAD LNB by Alps

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  • Brand: Alps
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Ideal LNB for use with Multi feed Arms because of it's "Bullet" shaped Feedhorn, and narrow profile ideal when you need satellites which are 3 degrees apart conventional LNB's need to be physically occupying the same space

The Alps LNB is made in Europe to the highest technical standard - Alps don't make loss claims because they acknowledge that most claims of their competitors are exaggerated - what they will say is that tested against the best LNB's on the market you can expect similar performance from the Alps LNB in terms of any losses being barely measurable

A good LNB can't compensate for a Bad dish or poor quality cable make sure that close attention is paid to the other elements of your system - HISAT have stock of the best Dishes These are Gibertini and the best 100% Copper core and screened Cable

The LNB is finished in a light grey durable plastic meaning it will not attract heat like some LNB which have a dark colour 

  • Lowest noise figure compared to all competitors (and therefore all applications)
  • Narrowest profile ideal for multifeed applications 
  • Light in colour reflecting heat away from the LNB - making it much more durable
  • Weather protection for the F Connectors and Cables
  • European Design and Manufacture
  • Properly safety tested in accordance with European safety standards
  • Light weight for a Quad LNB
  • Long Standard Warranty 3 years
  • Conventional 40mm collar fitment