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Digiquest Single LNB

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  • Brand: Digiquest
  • Product Code: LNB_03_Single_Digiquest
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Individual Gift boxed Premium quality Digiquest Universal LNB + Waterproof boot including 5 year warranty

  • Durable Single Output Universal LNB
  • 9.75ghz/10.60Ghz 9local oscillators selected by 22khz tone as per the standard convention
  • 13V Vertical polarisation 17V Horizontal polarisation as per the standard convention
  • Frequency range 10.700 GHz - 12.750 GHz
  • Lowest noise figure possible  (outperforms most LNB's)
  • Compact European design
  • Ideal for offset dishes
  • 5 year Guarantee
  • Water protection boot (stops premature failure and signal loss through water ingression at the point where the LNB connects to the F Connector
  • Light grey body means that the LNB doesn't overheat on hot summer days as is the case with many black body LNB's
  • operating temperature -20 to +50 centigrade

Simply Put this is a Well made well performing LNB at a very competitive price - in 95%+ of applications this LNB is all you need - they are reliable and inexpensive and will almost certainly improve signal quality if your LNB is 2+ Years old or more noticeably