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OPOS 1.05 Card

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New higher security cards from the OPOS Team

The OPOS Card is an Atmel Card with OPOS Team Operating software version 1.05

OPOS Card 1.05 - The first multi-OS capable card on the market every OPOS 1.05 Card sold by HISAT has an official "Original Certified OPOS" Hologram

Technical specification:

  • OPOS 1.05 
  • Operating System Version 1.05
  • Blank smartcard ISO 7816 with multi-OS
  • Flash: 64 KB
  • Eeprom: 64 KB
  • Crypto: RSA, DSA, ECC
  • Illegal to use with Viaccess 2.6 & 3.0 software


Please do not use this card for unlawful viewing of Satellite or Cable TV - Hobby software for seeing TV services that you can't subscribe to in your country may be available on the Forum Below - please only use this were lawful

it's Illegal to use with Viaccess 2.6 & 3.0 software in most countries

Facts about OPOS 1.05 Cards you need to know

1) there are three designs of card

all White

all Black

OPOS Picture cards

ALL Three cards have the same technical Architecture

ALL Three cards have the same OS - the only difference between these cards is external the card itself is the same card whether it has a logo or not

ALL Cards dispatched by HISAT are checked to confirm the ATR Before sending the card

BEFORE you change or write software to the card - we advise that you also check the ATR

you can do this easily with the Minibee, dynamite or CAS3PLUS programmers which we also sell

HISAT can't be held responsible for third party software which either doesn't work or damages your card



- only if your card has this hologram can you be sure it's the real product

- see the HOLOGRAM in the Picture above

- HISAT can't refund cards correctly supplied - we do not offer a hire service for these cards