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STAB-USALS HH100 Rotorsat Satellite Motor

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STAB HH100 Rotosat Satellite Motor is the original DiSEqC Motor and STAB make the only true USALS Motors
the HH100 turns at 1.8 degrees per second when moved using 17V (Horizontal) power from the LNB line
the Motor can mathematically calculate where all satellites are when properly installed - please watch HISAT's 9 Minute video on youtube which has been viewed a 1/4 Million times up to 2016

Here is your opportunity to Motorise your satellite system at the lowest price anywhere for a Genuine STAB-USALS "GbSat" Branded HH100 Motor

Yes, there are cheaper motors around but if you want reliability and Genuine USALS compatibility, then why save now only to pay later(?) It makes no sense!

The motor works with any receiver that has DiSEqC 1.2 and or USALS and is suitable for Pole mounted dishes up to 1.00 Metre in diameter.

WHY is this the best motor?

  1. STAB were and are the originators of DiSEqC1.2 and USALS (although DiSEqC itself is a Eutelsat trade mark)
  2. Quality control demands that each motor is individually checked before it leaves the factory
  3. Superior Internal components are used - insuring long term durability
  4. USALS is the Brand Leader
  5. Compact Design
  6. Standard 3 year warranty makes this motor better value than cheaper Chinese and Eastern European motors
  7. Precision Build means precise alignment on your desired satellites
  8. Robust Construction
  9. Innovative Design
  10. No need for additional cables - since the LNB cable is used to power and control the motor
  11. Less signal loss through the motor than other cheaper designs
  12. Very Quiet motor movement
  13. Tested in 90 mile per hour winds in sand storms
  14. Tested in Temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celcius

    What is USALS and why is it helpful?

    USALS (Universal Satellite Automatic Location System) is a mathematical algorythm which is an addition to DiSEqC 1.2

    it's important to say right at the outset that TRUE USALS and DiSEqC Protocols were all designed by STAB-Italy I make this point because a few clients down the years have insisted that there "brand X" satellite receiver with altered software must not be faulty when in fact it's making the USALS Rotor made by STAB do extrodinary things - they've even argued that their fake "Brand Z" motor didn't have "the problem" - lets be clear this is like american English we accept it but it's not british English and just like the differences between American English and British English - the USALS Protocols can and in some cases have been modified usually the intention of a change is to make it superior but by making changes to something mathematic you're making it incompatible

    USALS saves time finding satellites because in order to use USALS all the client needs to do is enter his or her Longitude and Latitude into the receiver and because all the stored satellites are associated with a position in the sky these three bits of data go into the algorythm and a pointing angle comes out which the USALS rotorsat can turn to and point the dish at because this is so accurate so long as the pole is perfectly upright and the azimuth and declination angles are set correctly on the dish the satellite can be pointed quickly at all current satellites and any new ones just by adding the new satellites' orbital position into the receiver