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DiSEqC 4x1 Switch

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high performance 4 into 1 DiSEqC  1.0 switch,  Standard, is developed for working together with all existing (present and future) DiSEqC receivers. The switch is programmed in the standard DiSEqC mode (position/option), used by most receiver-manufacturers on the market. It is protected from short circuit with an automatic fuse and if such a problem occur the switch will turn off. After correcting the problem, the switch will work normally. The 4-way DiSEqC switch is of Ver 1.0, digital compatible and CE-approved.


to allow simple connection of 4 LNB feeds to a single satellite tuner
for example
A Astra 2 + Eurobird 1
B Astra 1
C Hotbird
D Eurobird
Using a Multi-LNB holder like the Multi 4 and a Gibertini OP85 or OP100