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MTI C120 single LNB

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  • Brand: MTI
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the C120 LNB has aring of 8 holes and is usually fitted to the less common prime focus dishes

The LNB when combined with a C120 Feed Horn is usually reckoned to give better "Cross-Pole" seperation - to put it another way the LNB seperates Vertical and Horizontal channels better than the more common LNB's and are therefore very useful where the signals are weak or where one polaritys signals are much stronger than those on the other polarization

what's included
MTI C120 Single output LNB
1 Rubber sealing O Ring
8 Fixing bolts

More Durable and better performing than the Inverto Black C120 LNB in our tests

In spite of claims made by Inverto I have usually found that the MTI LNB lasts longer and performs as well or better than the Inverto LNB