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Invacom C120 Quattro LNB

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This Quattro LNB is used in conjunction with a Multi-switch where many rooms need access to a single dish and where each receiver may need access to any of the 4 parts of the Ku Band

Typical uses are blocks of flats on what is called a SMATV system * each port is set for a different output - (don't confuse this LNB with Quad LNB which has four identical ports)

Ports on the Quattro LNB

the Quattro LNB has four ports and these are marked

1 HH (Horizontal High band)

2 HL (Horizontal Low Band)

3 VH (Vertical High Band)

4 VL (Vertical Low Band)

all satellite receivers deliver 13 V for Vertical and 17V for Horizontal signals

they also send 22Khz tone to activate the 10.6 GHz High band the lack of the tone defaults the LNB to the 9.75 GHz local Oscillator

therefor this LNB is used in conjunction with a "multi-switch" which routes the request from the receiver to the correct port on the LNB