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Inverto Octo LNB

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  • Brand: Inverto
  • Product Code: LNB_OCTO
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  • Standard Fitting
  • Eight Output LNB
  • Connect up to eight standard receivers or
  • Four Twin Tuner receivers or Mixture
  • Inverto
  • PRO High Performance
  • HDTV DVB-S2 Compliant

With the Octo LNB - you and your neighbour can use the same dish!

in fact you and 7 other neighbours could use the same dish

great for blocks of flats

great too for use with Twin tuner receivers

(run up to 4 Twin tuner receivers 2 x 4 = 8)


The Octo LNB is 8 standard LNB's mounted in one Body !! easy to install easy to expand your system 


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