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Multi2 LNB Holder by Gibertini

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  • Brand: Gibertini
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The Multi 2 Is a Robust 2 LNB Holder made by Gibertini and

Fits All Gibertini dishes and many other makes of dish too (may require re drilling) allows access  to 2 Satellites on a single fixed dish (for example Astra 2(Uk satellite) and Astra1 (German/French Satellite) < this is just an example the item is good for most two satellite requirements

The Multi 2 is designed to be 100% rigid and to last all the materials are very strong so that the heaviest LNBs can be used without problems

Don't be fooled by looks!
Gibertini know that their LNB holder has been copied in Turkey and is being sold to look like it's made by them
- often the fake isn't cheaper but has fewer parts and will not last as long due to poor construction
- HISAT Ltd are the SOLE UK DISTRIBUTOR for Genuine Gibertini satellite dishes and spare parts in the UK
- many have bought from Central Europe not just Turkey and found they have been supplied a low cost clone or fake

What's included

  • Instructions
  • Main bracket
  • 2 LNB Holders with 40/22mm adaptors for small neck LNB's
  • Boom Arm adaptor
  • Bag of nuts and Bolts

Made from Galvanized Steel and Stainless steel Nuts and Bolts this bracket is made to last

The latest design allows LNB's to be even closer together - recommended for use with ALPS LNB's if your LNB's need to be very close together

(for example if you want 19.2 16 east or 16 and 13 east see our other listing for Alps LNB's)

See my listings for Alps LNB's which are Bullet nosed

Like the Gibertini Dishes the Gibertini Multi4 is made from premium materials and although there are cheap copies around as always you get what you pay for

typical installation this shows a Multi 4 (with 3 LNB holders) - see our other listing for Multi4 this also shows the earlier design where the side potrutions stop the LNB's being as close together as the new design in this listing