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Big Dish Polar Mount Extras

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  • Brand: Gibertini
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Big Dish Polar Mount Extras are a Kit of items designed to be used with the Larger Gibertini Polar Mount (see related products below)

They are to enable a person to Motorise a large Fixed dish or to re-motorise a large dish where the original manufacturer no longer supports their dish or has gone or as an alternative to the OEM parts

the kit includes items to be attached to either side of the Gibertini mount

so on the one side of the mount you have the parts to attach the polar mount to a Pole (55-100mm diameter)

and on the other side a Bracket which will need to be attached to the dish and here is where engineering skills will be needed because in order to fit this bracket holes need to be marked out and drilled into the dish face

now it hopefully goes without saying that this bracket can't always be used some dishes have ribbed contours on their backs but many dish faces are smooth and can be marked up and drilled easily if you are a satellite engineer or a competent person