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Invacom 0.3db LNB Single

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  • Brand: Invacom
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The New Invacom LNB's perform better than ALL other LNB's albeit Marginally - although claiming 0.3db In our tests this LNB performed marginally better than LNB's claiming 0.2 and even 0.1db and those LNB's which had those claims where no better than our Digiquest LNB's 

Today's LNB's are very difficult to separate in performance terms - all will deteriorate over time however so it never surprises me to read that a client replaced their old LNB and the new one was much better - enthusiasts should replace their LNB regularly (every 2-5 years) even though all LNB's are designed to work in -30 to + 45 C extremes do effect the efficiency and long term durability of an LNB