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Dish LNB Tripod

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Heavy duty Fold away Tripod
High performance OP65 Satellite Dish
Digiquest LNB

Three highly Durable and Reliable Products that we have sold seperately for almost 2 decades
these three items are sold as a bundle and it is expected that the three items together would be great for people on the move or in a temporary location of any kind

No Planning permission is needed
suitable for mounting on Grass, Hard surfaces, Roofs and Balconies

the Digiquest LNB400 is a highly  robust Universal LNB and which comes with an F Connector protection boot making it very difficult for water to get in to the F connector fitting the LNB itself has been it's a single output LNB but if you require a twin or quad please select the option
Universal LNB's are for receiving all signals in the extended KU Band from 10.7 - 12.75 Ghz modern receivers have a tuning range of 700-2150 Mhz and are usually always configured for use with any Universal LNB like this one

The Gibertini OP65 is marginally larger than the biggest 'sky' satellite dish and has much less loss and compares well with the average 80cm dish in terms of performance - here in North Wales I can easily see Astra 2/Eurobird 1 (28.2 East) (the UK / Eire serving satellite ) even in very poor weatherconditions this dish excels of course this dish is also big enough to receive satellite TV from Astra 1 (19.2 East) Hotbird (13 East) or Eurobird 9 (9 East)

The dish is made of Pressed and spun steel the Az/El Mount is galvanised and the Steel Screws are also treated so they do not rust - the dish face has been powder coated in clean room conditions and is hard wearing and likely to look good for at least the next decade dishes can be cleaned with hot soapy water and then rinsed to remove surface dust and bird poo

The Fold away tripod is the most deceptive of the three products because many sellers offer look alike products which break easily and this is primarily due to the poor way they have been made and the weak materials used - this mount is a little heavier than those look alike mounts with more durable Bushes and Folding parts