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Mini-Bee Smart Bee

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This is the Duolabs Minibee, Mini-bee, Smart-bee, smartbee, programmer reader writer (illustration shows an OPOS105 card inserted into the programmer which is not included)

It's a Phoenix Programmer with a 3.57 Mhz Crystal

It has an integral Serial Lead to move data to and from the smart card from your PC/ Laptop RS232

It gets it's Power (only) from the USB cable (also integral)

it can be used with an RS232-USB converter so that data can be sent from a USB port too - though these are not supplied

You can use this tool to program or read many cards for example all of the following

  • OPOS1.03,
  • OPOS1.04,
  • OPOS1.05,
  • Titanium,
  • Titanium 2,
  • TITAN,
  • M2,
  • Platinum

To name a few

The Programmer is not supplied with any software - to program your card use the loader software provided by it's maker and the file you want to load into the card - usually this information can be found on satellite TV Forums and websites


Legal stuff

Your Duolabs "Smart-bee" Mini-Bee will be supplied brand new and factory tested  packet - normal distance selling rules apply

so if the packet is opened this is regarded as acceptance and use of the item and a refund can't be given once this has happened

your item has a repair or replacement warranty!

should the Mini-bee become faulty through no fault of yours - any time within three years of purchase we will repair or replace it free of charge

(you are responsible only for cost of getting the item to us and return carriage only)