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Black F Connectors

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Standard Black CaP F Connectors defend against Infrared damage and are much more efficient than Metal F Connectors exactly how much more signal is passed is hard to measure because when CaP used a sensitive Measuring tool to compare loss it actually showed a gain! clearly their new design had highlighted a limitation in the measuring tool

why does this matter?

  • Why buy all your nice new satellite gear and not use the lowest loss connectors
  • This item works because it forces the Cable into contact with the fitting thus cutting down the number of connections that you get with the old metal screw on F-Connector and the one connection you do have is as close to perfection as possible
    (Never have unnecessary joins in a satellite cable) a video showing how to fit the CAP F connectors can be found here
new HISAT video showing how these F connectors work http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f4eDW8Yc6Q