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Vonets VAP11N Wi-Fi Bridge

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Basic Purpose of the VAP-11N is to enable a device which has a LAN connection to connect to a Wi-Fi Bridge using Wi-Fi

Technical parameters
1 Environmental, Safe, Portable, Minn
2 The maximum transmission distance is 100m which is reduced by solid objects
3 Traditional intelligent WiFi Bridge, together with WiFi repeater function.
4 WiFi intelligent bridge mode, it supports WiFi hot spot scan automatically and WiFi hot spot memory function.
5 excellent for use with Triple-Dragon, Coolstream, VUPLUS Duo Dreamboxes and all LAN products
6 Support WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK、64/128/WEP security mechanism.

in brief

you connect to a laptop computer (Lan Port and USB Port - DO NOT ADD EXTERNAL POWER)

shut down the wife connection


after 45 seconds open internet explorer browser, (Firefox and Chrome don't work)

type the URL http://vonets.cfg/

now type login and password which are set to



now click to connect to the wi-fi router you wish to connect to

click NEXT

now enter the password for your router (modern routers have this on a label on the router - alternately it will be in the information pack you received from your Internet service provider

click APPLY

after a bried moment the message that you have successfully set up the bridge will appear - Note if you incorrectly entered the password this won't be detected so carefully check the password is correct

now disconnect the power 

wait a few seconds

now re-connect the wi-fi bridge to test it OR connect to the item you want to be wi-fi

the bridge will now make your STB wi-fi ready unless you got the password wrong

watch my video ready now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve8h5EQ9cFY