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the Original GbSAT SatBeeper SAT BEEPER Satellite Finding Meter

allows fine tuning of your satellite dish

A High pitched audible tone rises in pitch as you get close to the signal from the satellite, the sound is loud enough to be heard without putting the earpiece in your ear - so even hard of hearing can use this meter

the major benefit of this meter is you don't need to take your eyes off the dish/hands/spanners whilst aligning the dish 

 this is ideal for hobby users who need to find satellites occasionally as it is an inexpensive but reliable and even though I have access to much more expensive meters I often use the sat-beeper because it's simple and quick to use and IT WORKS!!

simply attach the meter in the cable as indicated using a patch lead

Add a patch lead so you can connect this meter to the end of you satellite cable and use the patch lead to connect to the LNB