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GbSat 69903 satellite finding meter

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  • Brand: GbSat
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69903 Hobbiest satellite Meter

  • Signal strength meter for quick and easy-dish adjustment.
  • Use LCD to display to check the satellite signal intensity.
  • Built-in signal alert buzzer.
  • The button can be set up attenuation function.
  • DC pass to LNB.
  • Frequency range: 950-2150Mhz.
  • Supply voltage: 13-18V DC.
  • Input level range: -40dBm- -10dBM.
  • Operating temperature: 0+40.
  • Impedance: 75Ω.

Accurately find satellites with this small but good satellite Meter

simply connect the Meter inline and power up your satellite recevier

now adjust the dish to peak the signal

if you reach "99" on the readout attenuate the signal using the buttons

the "Buzzer" button allows you to hear a pitched tone which increases in volume the nearer you are to a satellite.


please note: look after this meter and it will work for years

do not keep the meter in temperatures below 0 degrees C (don't leave in a vehicle or a shed) frost can damage the meter