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Inverto Black Twin LNB

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  • Brand: Inverto
  • Product Code: LNB_BLACK_ULTRA_TWIN
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The Inverto Black Ultra Twin Output Universal LNB was, in our test, one of the best performers

Firstly the idea that any LNB is significantly different from another needs to be quashed - all new LNB's sold by HISAT and many competing products perform very well compared to the LNB's of 10-15 years ago the difference is always marginal between a good average LNB and one of the best (like this BLACK ULTRA LNB)

 the reason to buy an LNB like this one is to get the weakest signals - combine this LNB with a good quality dish like the Gibertini and you get the best of all worlds

 the LNB's come in well presented packaging - but most importantly they performed better or as well as the best LNB's we sell