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Light & Durable campers and caravaners Tripod mount

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  • Brand: GbSat
  • Product Code: BRA_TRIPODLIGHT
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This is light Tripod Mount Ideal for Caravaners

Although this is a light Caravaners mount it's by no means the lightest and it's not so light as to be like those single use umbrellas! Light in this case means convenient but still durable 

  • This Tripod weighs 5 Kilo
  • When open the height is between 106cm and 198cm (42 inches -  78 inches)
  • The diameter of the Pole is 39mm (just over 1.5 inches)
  • and the steel here is 1mm thick
  • please examine the pictures to see the quality of this product which is made in Europe and complies to European safty standards
  • the Tripod is light but it's also made to last for many years
  • The unit percolates and assembles in under a Minute - latest design has rubber feet
  • Steel and paint powder coated in light grey
  • stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • polypropylene Hubs and Joints

    this product can be used with the Flat440 or the Gibertini 60cm satellite dish (see related products below)