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Non Penetrating Roof Mount Heavy Duty

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  • Brand: GbSat
  • Product Code: BRA_60MM_PATIO_SLAB_MOUNT_1M_Base
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This Mount is completely free standing and therefore your dish will not require planning permission in most situations because it is not Fixed or fitted but simply weighted down with Patio slabs (Patio slabs are not supplied)


    60mm diameter
    overal base size approx 940 x 1010M
    Pole Height approx 1M (therefore technically suitable for dishes up to 2M) (approx 1060mm including base)
    Base will hold 4 (or more stacked) standard Patio Slabs 47cm x 47cm "18inch" (not supplied)
    Galvanized finish ensures long life

Major benefit of this type of mount is that the mount need not be fixed and being "freestanding" it automatically avoids planning permission in almost all places

This Non Penetrating mount can be sited on any flat surface at ground level or on a flat roof

Remember a Satellite dish doesn't benefit from Height the only essential is that you have line of site to your desired satellite(s)

You can install a STAB motor onto this mount or fix any of the Gibertini dishes as Fixed dishes on this mount

Everything about the mount speaks quality

Note the presence of Support stays - note the quality and thickness of the Galvanized Steel used