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Non Penetrating Roof Mount Light

£19.00 Ex Tax: £19.00
  • Brand: GbSat
  • Product Code: BRA_NPL
  • Availability: In Stock


This is a limited time offer for a great new Non Penetrating Roof Mount or Patio Mount

  • Low Price
  • Durable materials [Galvanized Steel]
  • less than 9 Kilo
  • 40mm Pole diameter
  • Pole length 75cm overal height 81cm
  • takes 4 30cmx30cm (1ft square) patio slabs
  • only 7 parts Base, Pole, Bolt assembly and 4 Locking nuts
  • easy to assemble with a 13mm Spanner
  • Overal footprint 64cm x 64cm (25 inches x 25 inches)

fits these products which we also sell

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  • Larger dishes NO


How your mount will look when assembled