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Dishes +

In this section, I list top quality products only carefully sourced and stored so that you truly get the most from the products you buy
Gibertini satellite dishes are the premium European Satellite dish manufacture and HISAT began our relationship with them in the last millennium Gibertini dishes are precisely made to reflect more signal they are made from durable weatherproof materials and have lasting specifications
Our GbSat Mounts are made to our own specifications from Galvanized Steel

We are main agent for STAB-USALS whose Rotorsat Motor evolved from the original DiSEqC Products developed by STAB-Italia's founder and inventor
here you will also find the most popular and highest quality LNB's

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Dish LNB Tripod
Heavy duty Fold away Tripod High performance OP65 Satellite Di...
Heavy duty Fold away Tripod High performance OP65 Satellite DishDigiquest LNBThree highly Durable and Reliable Products that we have sold seperately for almost 2 decades these three items are sold as a bundle and it is expected that the three ite..
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