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About Us



We ask the questions to get you the right product.

Helping people get the most out of what they buy from us is our aim.


Worthwhile TV for LESS HARD CASH.

our systems can provide this in abundance, FILMS, SPORTS, MUSIC, ADULT, KIDS, GENERAL ENTERTAINMENT, and more.


Successful Satellite Systems with little technical jargen.

a few of our clients are very technically minded the vast majority would consider themselves novices but we are happy to help you as little or as much as you like.

a few words about us

HISAT ® was created back in 1994 and consists of a team of like minded professionals headed by the Owner and Managing Director Tony Hiscox.

The decision to start HISAT ® followed a number of encounters with dealers who, were very happy to take his money but not so ready or able to advise Tony on the finer points and problems – Tony often found he was being given false information by dealers which ultimately convinced him that he could do a better job and give a better service.

HISAT ® have a priority to sell well built, reliable, feature packed product and as far as possible, future, proofed, product at competitive prices. We look for what we call Quantifiable Quality, meaning It's no good the receiver you are being recommended having all the whistles and bells if for example the tuner sensitivity isn't the equal or better than the best products on the market. We DO NOT sell what a client doesn’t need – that means we’ll listen to you, if you tell us why you want, what you want, we will advise!

Buying in bulk and low overheads has kept us amongst the most competitive distributors anywhere in the world and as well as having many retail clients we have a large number of Trade and Distribution companies buying from us – but without the loss of the personal touch.

In 2009 HISAT took advantage of Welsh development agencies desire to attract businesses to North Wales and opened a new Mail order centre.


Great service, friendly and informative. I wasnt sure what exactly I needed so Tony guided me through the process.
Tim Barkley

Having quite a bit of experience in satellite systems my self I knew what I was looking for and Hisat delivered, best price and with speed. Thanks
Lisa Whistler


Tony Hiscox
Managing Director
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